Monday, 23 August 2010

80. Biarritz behind the beaches

21st August 2010. Did 15km on the river this morning in a quad sculler.. (Running total: 66km)

Each time we make the short trip to Biarritz (10-15 mins away) we thank our lucky stars that we actually live down here. We were there just a couple of days ago and as we approached the sea front the light became dazzling as it reflected off the white painted Art Deco buildings. We tried to think of other towns that are similar but we weren't able to come up with one. It has its own unique distinctive style and atmosphere. Biarritz is alive and well all round the year..

To give you an idea of what the town behind the beaches looks like, I've raided the web to try and find some images that capture the life of the town.. I've also included some houses in Biarritz - just to look at as the prices there are wince-making. Ease the pain with this stirring Basque choir while you're looking at the pics. Now I don't know if you appreciate male voice choirs but if this singing doesn't send a shiver through you, I suggest you should check your pulse! (to make sure you've still got one!) Beautiful singing and harmonies.. 

The former station - la gare du Midi
Here's a familiar view of the town centre (from just above the Casino), showing the Galeries Lafayette department store (or Biarritz-Bonheur as it's known locally):
Avenue Edouard VII (for mega-bucks shopping!)
Rue Mazagran
Casino Municipal 

centre de congrès, la place Bellevue, Biarritz
22nd August 2010. We went for a bike ride up the Adour as far as Villefranque (~20km altogether) this morning before the sun climbed too high.. Lots of people out jogging, cycling, roller-blading, walking. At one point the chain on my bike came off and wedged itself firmly between the frame and the nearest gear-wheel. I was looking at it and trying to work out a way of freeing it that would minimise the transfer of oil & gunge to my hands when a French couple out on their bikes stopped. She asked if her husband could help? Quick as a flash, he reached down, took hold of the chain, heaved it out of the jam it was in and put it back where it should be.. Voila! What a gent..!   
Some bijou residences..
Slideshow here..

This evening the thermometer on the terrace showed 33°C in the shade at 7.30pm.. Phew..!

The centre of Bayonne has been reverberating and echoing all weekend with the sound of multiple Ferrari V-12s running around town.. What magic do Ferrari work on their engines to make them sound so musical?

While I was waiting to cross the road by the Place des Basques, a young lad on a Solex moped next to me was looking wistfully at the pack of Ferraris across the road - none of them taller than a dining table - and he asked me what it was all about.

I told him it was 25€ for a ride in one.

He said, "How long do they let you drive it for..?"

He looked downcast when I explained it was a ride in the passenger seat only..  


pays basque said...

Wonderful pics about Biarritz city and Pays-Basque beaches.

Thank you to speak about this province of France-My country...

Pipérade said...

Merci beaucoup.. mon plaisir.