Monday, 25 July 2011

158. Bayonne goes bananas!

25th July 2011. If you'd like to watch the start of the Fêtes de Bayonne this coming Wednesday evening, don't forget to make a note that it starts at 10pm Pays Basque time (9pm in the UK, 4pm EDT in the US). If you're unsure what time that is wherever you are - this link has a time countdown to the start. You can then work out when to drop everything you're doing to watch the madness!

Stop Press! To see the video link direct from the Place de la Liberté in full screen, click here and then click on the small blue & white symbol on the video link under the umbrellas on the lower right of the picture.. 
This clip from last year will give you a flavour of the event..

They like their fireworks noisy down here - this is a shortened version of last year's display filmed from across the river - which is the best place to watch them from in my opinion. The first year we were almost underneath them and it was painful!
Confession time: I must admit that, on the basis of her turbulent private life and her slightly bizarre appearance, I'd always pre-judged Amy Winehouse as a hyped-up media creature - without ever having heard her sing. I was wrong. It's clear from this clip she had a remarkable voice and a lot of talent.. I must listen to more of her.


Anonymous said...

"Shock and Awe", with a little savoir faire...

Pipérade said...

You're not wrong!
These must be the noisiest fireworks on the planet..

Lesley said...

We now have to avoid the screaming whooshing fireworks as The Dog does not like them. Thanks for the link I'll try to watch 'live'.

Lesley said...

Oh! BTW I hope that it stays dry for the Event. As I looked just now it's raining.

Pipérade said...

Yup, it's dripping outside and has been for the past few days but I don't think that will have a dampening effect on the crowds though. Town is starting to fill up with visitors.
That live link seems a bit iffy to me.