Saturday, 1 July 2017

244. The Lions roar at last!

25th July. We're in for a noisy night tonight.. there's a concert at the bullring with this shower.. (the bullring is just a couple of hundred metres from us) They've been practising most of the day and, without wishing to sound like my parents, well, fill in the rest yourselves!
23rd July. This morning we went to Sare - one of the most beautiful of all French villages - never mind just in the Pays Basque.

There was a Fiesta des Brocs taking place and neighbours of ours were stand-holders there so we were talked into going!

There's junk and there's junk.. There was junk of the kind we hoard in our attics, garages and cellars.. and there was junk of the kind you normally put straight into the bin.

I thought I'd seen everything until I looked at one stand and I saw a pair of false teeth for sale..! Who would buy them and for what? Cutting out pastry? And if someone wanted them to actually use - surely they'd have to try them for size on the spot.. Aaarrgghh!

Meanwhile, preparations for the annual Fêtes de Bayonne have been going on for the last few weeks - barriers, signs, parking - in anticipation of the flood of humanity that is about to roll over us like some vast, unstoppable, animated white and red tsunami.

This monster of a festival kicks off at 10pm on Wednesday evening.. Until you've lived in a town of 40,000 that's suddenly invaded by approximately 1.3 million people over 5 days it's impossible to have any idea of its impact. Have a look here. Time to re-open the escape tunnel!

22nd July. This next song has long been a personal favourite..

Here's the great Jacques Tati on the differences between English and French policemen!

21st July. Whenever I hear music played on a cimbalom, this actor's face* springs to mind. To me, he always defined sinister..  as in "Ah, come in, Meestair Bond, we haf been expecting you..." or "Are you paying too much for your car insurance?" (maybe I'm wrong about the second one!) 

* Vladek Sheybal.. 

20th July. I'm not usually a great fan of videos taken by drones - but this one of the high-priced* Biarritz seafront is exceptional. (it does take a couple of minutes to get into its stride though!) As always, best in full screen and HD if your connection can manage it:
* As the saying has it - if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!

18th July. More videos on Bayonne (NB. Liked them all - except for the ones showing bullfighting):
Uncomfortable afternoon here. It started off well this morning too.. it was cool while I took my bow saw to a small tree in the front garden that was rapidly becoming a medium-sized tree. I then had to take a saw and secateurs to all the branches and bag it all up ready for the déchetterie. It turned out to be thirsty work in the end!

During the afternoon, someone turned up the heat and by 6pm it was an oppressive 37° and sticky with it.. and then - boom - thunder, lightning and rain.. The temperature dropped 10° in as many minutes.

17th July. I've been busy these last few days painting the shutters from the two west-facing upstairs windows at the rear of the house. They bear the brunt of the winter weather - and as I've mentioned before, when it rains here, it rains! I decided to put two coats of Basque Rouge on them - and I suddenly realised that meant painting 16 sides! Both windows have two shutters so that's four to start with. Two sides to each shutter - makes 8 sides... Two coats for each side = 16! The paint took its time to dry in this hot weather too.. and once dry, we had the fun and games of putting them back up. They are not light.

Here are some beautiful images of the Basque country.. (photos mainly from the Spanish side)
9th July. Yesterday saw the dénouement of the British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand culminate with the 3rd and final Test against New Zealand. The Lions had gone into the tour with many pundits (all from New Zealand it has to be said!) predicting a 10-0 series whitewash.. and if that didn't happen, then at least a 3-0 blackwash in the three Tests at the hands of NZ was widely forecast. In case you're visiting from another planet, NZ won the 1st Test, the B&I Lions won the second - so everything hung on the outcome of the the 3rd Test.

Only the highlights are available I'm afraid - it starts at 3:29..

7th JulyEric the Magic Carpenter™ is back with us.. He's doing some much-needed maintenance on our heavy wooden west-facing shutters upstairs at the rear of the house - where they bear the brunt of the winter storms. The shutters that face west are solid, built from pine (?) planks with a z bar reinforcement. He cut out the rotten bits and replaced them with new wood where necessary. There are four of them, each about 6ft high and heavy, and they're not easy to heave on and off their external mountings without falling out of the window! We had a near-miss this morning where Eric was very close to achieving this trick at one stage! More acrobatics this afternoon!

He arrived at 7.30am - worked through without a break until 12 noon, went home for his lunch - started again at 1.15pm and left at 6pm - after tidying everything up and sweeping out the garage where he'd been working. He took down and completely overhauled 3 shutters (including repainting them in undercoat), made a new shutter from scratch, fitted a new complicated closing mechanism, replaced a rotten timber support on the garage door, re-hung the sliding garage doors (without being asked) and fitted a new section of skirting board in the sitting room. What a star!

4th July. I hope readers across the US have a happy 4th July! Best wishes to all!

The heat has returned.. It's up around 32° this afternoon with 35° forecast for tomorrow. I'll be off downstairs in a minute to make something long and cold.

It's now 7.30pm and it's 38° on our terrace. As much as we like the heat, it's too hot to sit out. Fortunately, the house stays cool in hot weather.

1st July. I'm a passionate British & Irish Lions supporter, and while I was delighted and thankful for that hard-fought win in the 2nd Test against New Zealand, I have to say that there has been a gap (but not a gulf) in the standard between NZ Test rugby and that offered up by the B&I Lions. NZ has always played a fast, hard-hitting and frenetic brand of rugby.. believing that, as opposition bodies and minds tire, the relentless aggression from NZ would keep the scoreboard ticking over. However, the perceived 'gap' is not nearly as big as some in New Zealand would have us believe.. The physical conditioning of northern hemisphere players has improved dramatically and so I think that the 'gap' (if it still exists) has narrowed to the point where a Lions win on Saturday is eminently do-able, now that Gatland has found his winning mix of players.

The 2nd Test was a "must win" game for the Lions, especially given that Beauden Barrett had an off day with his kicking, the match was played in torrential rain and NZ went down to 14 men after losing Sonny Bill Williams - who was justifiably red-carded early on in the match following a brutal shoulder charge into Anthony Watson's face. In my book, this was not accidental. This was the NZ win-at-all-costs mentality and it came back to bite them.

But, as we're constantly being told, a win's a win and the record books will only show that the Lions defeated NZ at Wellington in the 2nd test for the ABs first home defeat in 8 years. One major positive was that, unlike the B&I Lions, the ABs were unable to score a try at home.. How often does that happen* - especially as the NZ media had been castigating the Lions for their lack of tries. And hats off to the Lions fans who would have raised the roof with their fervent support - if the Westpac stadium had had one! * It's 39 games since New Zealand last failed to score a try. 

Here's the 2nd Test in full (from Haka to Kleenex!):

I remain to be convinced that this B&I Lions selection truly reflects the best rugby players in the British Isles - but that's by the by - the last 15-20 minutes was one way traffic. Well done you Lions..! And well done Kieran Read for being gracious in defeat.

I think the crucial 3rd Test has the potential to be a brutal encounter but let's hope it's won by good rugby and that the spectacle is not marred by violence. The match will be officiated by the excellent French referee Romain Poite..     


Anonymous said...

Having had problems with the laptop and the entire 'Bookmark' of my reading material lost - it's been a while since I've read you.
Back in the saddle and catching up (except the rugby), but I shall be having to buy new kit and hope that friends will bring it over from the UK later in the month. Lesley

Pipérade said...

How did you fill the gap in your life!☺
I don't think you've missed much to be honest..
I've been through that same process of losing all those familiar sites when a PC goes on the fritz.
PC or a MAC?
Decision time!
Good luck,

Anonymous said...

At the end of the drone video it pans out from a hotel(?) that looks as if it has a pool to the rear with a shark/dolfin/tuna/large cod swimming in it. Is this a local known thing? Lesley

Pipérade said...

No, it's the aquarium - and what you can see are the seals. Twice a day, they feed them and you can go and watch.

The aquarium had a makeover recently and I keep meaning to go there and take a look.