Thursday, 10 February 2011

118. Fuel prices

9th February 2011. As we're away for a few days next week, we went to Dancharia, probably the closest part of Spain from here, to fill up the car with cheap diesel. Haven't mentioned diesel prices for a while but today we paid 1.20€/litre - which, in UK £ sterling, equates to £1.02/litre, or for US readers $6.20 per US gallon. This was the highest it's been for a while so I thought I'd look at what motorists in other countries are paying at the moment..

According to this web site, US consumers are getting a terrific deal on gas prices - with US prices averaging out at only 56% of the price in Spain.

In France, I saw diesel at 1.27€/litre this morning. The price for unleaded according to this appears to be ~1.47€ (£1.25) which is very close to the UK mean..

Meanwhile, motorists in the UK must be getting used to the taste of willow in the back of their throats by now (the result of a cricket bat being forcibly inserted somewhere!) - I've just checked out the current UK petrol & diesel prices at a randomly chosen Esso station in the UK from here and they made my eyes water.. unleaded £1.27.9/litre & diesel £1.31.9/litre. Take a deep breath because this works out at $7.76/US gallon for unleaded and a whopping $8.01/US gallon for diesel.

Don't be feeling too pleased with yourselves in the US though.. because here I pay 1.70€ or $2.31 for a bottle of very drinkable Burgundy.. 

Returning home, the car was telling us that it was 21C.

10th February 2011. Dropped Madame off at the hairdressers in Biarritz this morning. There was a light mist rolling in off the sea which gave everything a soft focus look in the sunshine. It was a warm 22C.

Went for a ride along the Nive this evening - as far as Villefranque.. (20km)

Another Sinatra classic - this time from September 1961 - that's 50 years ago if you're counting..


Made in '83, "Local Hero" was a low budget film set in Scotland (and yes, that is Burt Lancaster!) that has since turned into a minor cult classic. Mark Knopfler wrote some memorable music for the soundtrack.. In case you missed it when it was first screened, one of these links should work.


Sandee said...

I am just getting caught up on my favorite blog reading. Today is March 4, 2011 and gas in our end of the world is US $3.60 a gallon for the "cheap" gas.

Pipérade said...

Now that should get your day off to a good start! It's since gone up here to €1.32/litre.. Ouch!
Thanks for stopping by,
PS Could you post me some?